PGTEK’s PMO was formed out of our Prime contracts with the government. Since then it has grown to be a huge apparatus covering our entire business and customers. Our PMO seamlessly tracks everything going on at PGTEK and all of our sites. We have constantly changing projects and sites including high level of Clearance’s needed to enter some sites. We constantly have Engineers traveling across the US and the world. Our PMO tracks these employees and our travel office makes sure to keep up with the constantly changing schedules of our Engineers. Also ensuring that they have Hotel and Cars at each destination. Our Security office works in concert with this entire team to ensure that our Engineers are cleared to enter each base/site easily.

  • Formed Out of Our Government Prime Contract Business
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Installation, Contract, Resource, Logistic, Compliance Management
  • 1000s of Project Oriented, Installations, and Transactional Engagements
  • Systems and Processes Designed for High Volume of Projects
  • Defines and Maintains Standards for Project Management within PGTEK and for Our Customers
  • Standardizes and Introduces Economies of Repetition and Uniform Execution of Projects. 
  • Source of Documentation, Guidance, Process Improvement, and Metrics
  • Staffed by Senior Level PMPs 
  • Manages PGTEK Technical Training Program
  • All Customers &Partners are Assigned a Relationship Manger (Single Point of Contact)