PGTEK offers complete enterprise mobility solutions that provide everything your organization needs to successfully and securely develop and execute your mobile strategy, platform and applications suite, as well as manage the ongoing operation and evolution of its mobile environment.  Our solutions enable our clients to reach more customers and provide a superior customer experience, as well as significantly increase the productivity of their employees and their enterprise operations.

With in-depth experience in executing innovative and large-scale mobile projects, we know mobility and all of the solutions that are available to you. We help tour clients harness the power of mobility to improve their business performance while reducing the risks, costs and challenges involved in this complex and rapidly evolving technology space.


Our experience and expertise

  • We maintain a large pool of dedicated mobility professionals that understand and work with most vendors in this space.
  • We are a one-stop-shop for enterprise mobility, delivering services and solutions that support the entire life cycle of transitioning to a mobile environment
  • We have a proven mobility track record based on successful project delivery always with strong ROI.
  • We are an innovator in the mobile space through extensive client work, leadership and intellectual property.
  • We are a strategic, long-term partner in guiding our clients through the changes to business and infrastructure resulting from the shift to mobile.
  • We are a provider of a large suite of enterprise mobile software, including our own intellectual property through our partnerships with top mobile innovators.
  • We have extensive expertise in addressing mobile security issues.
  • We have extensive experience within the DOD and highly secured devices.