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Our focus is you:

In everything we do, we ask: How can we elevate our customer’s experience?
Using that guiding principle, we’ve worked to greatly eliminate bureaucratic procedures typically involved in service procurement. Our ever-evolving delivery practices incorporate lessons learned from field experience and working with Nutanix Systems Reliability Engineers to identify friction points in the Nutanix implementation process. This one of a kind experience will ensure your team goes from implementing your Nutanix Enterprise cloud solution to certified for production seamlessly.

expedient meets THOROUGH:

PGTEK’s Nutanix Service offerings are delivered by leaders in the industry. Our team of certified professionals are bleeding edge technologists, who strive to upset the Nutanix Services status quo. Our process is constantly undergoing refinement to stay ahead of the technology curve and keep up with the rate of development in the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud space. This enables us to implement and knowledge transfer on Nutanix’s latest feature set.

experience leveraged:

A certified consultant, with hundreds of engagements completed, is the perfect compliment for your Nutanix solution. Whether a full service migration, comprehensive fit-check, residency, or complete custom scope, you can be sure that you are maximizing your investment by leveraging our experience. We’re passionate about designing solutions that serve you.

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