Geospatial & Analytic Solutions

PGTEK creates turnkey geospatial applications that optimize our customer’s decision process. From creating applications that assists the warfighter to navigate safely in a hot zone to determining the impact of flooding on a country’s crop output, our geo solutions add value and are applicable to every market segment.

Development of a typical PGTEK geospatial application involves advanced systems architecture. Our applications are based on data and intelligence fusion using mash up technologies that are pulling from a dynamic set of data sources. We create scripts and code using APIs and leading edge geographical, analytical, and statistical tools. Geo files are created, edited, and or combined for use in viewing platforms such as Google Earth, ESRI, and Microsoft BING Maps.

Our Geospatial and Analytic Solutions include:

Targeting & POI Analysis

  • Human Geography
  • Infrastructure (Building/Trans/Utility/Network)
  • Tactics and Methods
  • Building/Facility Use
  • Change Detection

Video Analytics

  • Boundary/Border Fence
  • Object/People Tracking
  • Behavior Detection
  • Fusion with Geospatial Data
  • Video Inhalation and Data Storage Optimization

Geosocial Mediasm

  • Regional Situational Awareness
  • Socio/Political Trends
  • Locational Based Analysis
  • Advertising Trend Analysis
  • First Responder Optimization

Weather-Based Analysis

  • Tactical–level (Predictive & Historical)
  • Agriculture Yield/Harvest Forecast (Narcotics, Staple Foods)
  • Water/Drought
  • Propagation Effects/Cloud Cover

Trends & Predictive Analysis

  • Likelihood Analysis of Events
  • Social Geography and Trends
  • Security/Crime Analysis

Multi-Int Fusion

  • Advanced Data Correlation
  • Tactics and Methods Analysis

Geo-Systems Engineering & Integration

  • GIS/IT System Architecture, Design, Initialization
  • Database and Data Models

Data Mining & Visualization

  • Advanced Data Correlation and Extraction Methods
  • Rapid Visualization and Publishing

3D Visualization

  • Rapid High Accuracy City Generation
  • Database Integration
  • Dynamic Analysis (Routing, Events, Video)
  • Walk-thru and Fly-thru viewers


  • ESRI
  • GIS
  • Multiple Analysis Tools
  • Classified/Unclassified

Data Cleansing & Preparation

  • Address Cleansing
  • Attribute–Meta Data
  • Sourcing and Formatting

Wireless/Signals Propagation Analysis

  • Line-of-Sight Analysis with Building/Terrain effects
  • Coverage Analysis