PGTEK was founded in 2002 by Ronald Podmilsak with the objective of using geospatial technologies to support the Intelligence Community (IC) and the Department of Defense (DOD). Mr. Podmilsak is a 40 year veteran geographer who saw the emergence of the digital age in the world of geography. He created a company that offered solutions which optimized mission oriented decision-making through the use of GIS and datacenter technologies.

In 2010 Ron’s son, Scott Podmilsak, joined the firm as the Chief Executive Officer. Scott previously founded and successfully sold a datacenter services firm to Brocade Communications in 2008.

Today PGTEK is an industry leader in geospatial and datacenter technologies servicing both the commercial and Federal market segments with innovative solutions.

A country and government such as ours are worth fighting for, and dying for, if need be.

- GEN W. T. Sherman